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Trend Input

Material Offering

Garment Design

Technical File




Bulk Production

Quality Control



From initial trend input to delivery of finished garment, we take our client by the hand throughout the processes of design, development and production. The below 9 steps illustrate how we guide our clients through the product chain.


Trend input

We kick off each season by developing trend books, offering our clients direction for the season’s key-materials. Based on the latest runway shows, inspirational trips and other trend forecasting we prepare books with inspirational visuals and fabric qualities suitable for outerwear and light woven garments.

Material offering


Right after the kick-off, we intensify our material offering. we either get a trend brief from our client or we simply know what direction is right for our client. we source at multiple fairs and via our partner-mills. Besides sourced materials, we will showcase our in-house designed fabrics, giving our clients the advantage of exclusivity on pattern and design.


Garment design

Most of our clients provide us their own designs. however, we are happy to provide the design as well. We actually already do so as we seasonally make an offering collection for our key-clients to get some inspirational aid or do some direct “picking”.

Technical file


Same as for design, the greater part of our clients provides us a technical file. If not so, we provide tech file services. our technical files consist of the following: a 2D sketch, arrowing, table of measurements, technical confection specifications, bill of materials, labelling, inspirational images. Grading we do too, but only after a style is ordered.



In China we make our patterns in cooperation with the pattern-masters of each of our partner-factories. In the Baltics we do the patterns in-house. Our pattern-maker Irina is great at semi-structured items such as trench coats.



Proto 1, proto 2, revised samples, salesman samples, press samples, size set samples, pre-production samples, shipment samples. We do it all. We know sampling is the key to a smooth bulk production. But please help to brief us on your process and expectations, so we can together work towards cost and resource savings.


Bulk production

In China we have long-term partnerships with several confection factories throughout the country. One factory is located in Hubei province; another factory is based in Jiangsu province and three smaller-sized units are closer to our office in Zhejiang province. For confection in the Baltics we work closely with a selection of three ateliers and three factories throughout Latvia and Lithuania.

Quality control


Our QC team gets involved from the moment we start prototyping. The QC briefs the factory workers based on the instructions from our client and our merchandiser in charge. A perfectly executed pre-production sample will be the benchmark for bulk production. We conduct continuous in-line inspection during bulk production and final inspection will be done during packing. If requested, we obviously welcome third-party inspection as well.



We mostly sell FOB or FCA. However, as an additional service, we provide DDP too; taking care of the logistical and legal handlings until your doorstep.

Get in touch

In case of any enquiry or if you are simply curious to learn more about us; we would love to hear from you. Just get in touch.


Soon you will be able to see and order our full fabric collections online. Stay tuned!